The graceful twirl of a ballerina as she pirouettes on one foot, limbs outstretched, moving like liquid.

The fluid movement of a cat’s body as they coil, leap, pounce.

The ability to make a point assertively, politely, and pleasantly, whilst still getting exactly what you want.

Keeping the mystery hidden.

Empty, clean, white spaces.

Graciously admitting when you are wrong, and the ability to accept an apology.

Maintaining dignity in the darkest moments.

Offering help without inhibition, hesitation, or condition.

Pearl earrings with no other jewellery.

Lush, rich, velvets and silks.

The opulence of a beautiful opera, life changing theatre, beautiful ballet.

Heavy velvet curtains hiding the secrets backstage.

Expensive hotel rooms with high thread count linen and beautiful furnishings.

The breath taking beauty of a cheetah racing across the savannah faster than any human can dream of.

Rich oil paintings in heavy frames, holding their history and secrets.

Living with a giving heart.

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt: Elegance

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