Musings On Easter

So we all blinked, and suddenly the year turned into April, bringing with it actual real life sun, a dazzling landscape of daffodils, and the promise of new life everywhere you look. After the seemingly endless winter, I don’t think anyone could deny that this was a welcome and much needed relief.

As the days began to lengthen and the dark nights to withdraw, the world started, achingly slowly, to come back to life. We stepped tentatively from our houses, full of anxiety, uncertainty and fear of the unknown. The world we once knew seems a distant memory, and though reminders are around us, and growing stronger, many of us had changed at the very core.

Irreversibly? That remains to be seen.

Which brings me to musings on Easter.

Like so many, Easter crept up on me (despite supermarkets selling Mini Eggs on New Years Day), and gave me reason to reflect on the quarter milestone of the year.

Today is Easter Sunday. The celebration of the Resurrection. And this year, it holds greater significance than ever.

The world has changed beyond recognition. Our relationships are unrecognisable. Partner has turned against partner, brother has turned their back on sister, parent has been torn away from child. Distance has erupted, trust shattered, and perceptions warped.

Last week, a Good Friday church service was raided by an excessive number of police officers, all intent on delivering their own version of ‘justice’ – namely, a questionable interpretation of even more questionable laws and powers the Government have taken the liberty of imbuing themselves with in the name of ‘public safety.’ The service included workers who spend their days in close proximity, working for minimum wage – an allowance deemed acceptable in a way that worship was not.

In a way, we have all died a death over the last year.

And now, on Easter Sunday, as the world bursts into life around us, and we celebrate the stories and miracles handed down for thousands of years, perhaps we have the chance to enjoy a Resurrection.

To take our first steps back into the world. To question everything we have so obediently been taught – just as the Roman soldiers accepted the rumours about the man they were told had betrayed them. To fight against fear, oppression and control from those who have not been authorised to wield that power. To show love and compassion, even to those who have wronged us. And perhaps most importantly, to know in our hearts that we have tried our best to act with good intentions, love and kindness. To stand up for what is right.

As a famous headmaster once said: there will come a time, when we all have to choose between what is right, and what is easy.

So as we move forward on this Easter Sunday, it is important to be grateful for what we have. To be kind to those who have wronged us. And to be strong enough to fight for what is right.

Happy Easter



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