And as she stood in the ashes of what was once her life, she took a moment to contemplate the steps which had brought her to this point. Surrounded by nothing but ruins, still smouldering from the fire, once magnificent structures torn down in a heartbeat by a force which was more than either of them could have hoped to control.


Strange isn’t it? One decision is all it takes. It leads to an action. Which leads to a consequence. And so the whole cycle begins again. And all in the name of desire.

For what is desire, but yearning? And what is yearning, but an attempt to fill a void? A void of your own creation, carved into the deepest, darkest shadows of your soul. The old adage tells us that nature abhors a vacuum, and so it comes as no surprise that an attempt to fill said space with desire is only ever destined to end…

Well, like this.

Desire is a greedy beast. It consumes the mind, heart and soul at the expense of all else. Nothing is enough to satisfy until you achieve that peak of desire; but, like trying to scale a mountain in a blizzard, the summit is always just out of reach. Just a little more and you will be happy…but the result never arrives.

It is captivating. Intoxicating. All consuming.

She knew that now, as she stood, the taste of endings in her mouth like smoke after a house fire.

As all around her burned and died, she finally realised that the cause of her downfall had been that which she was chasing all alone.




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