Life is short. Be extravagant.

Be extravagant with freedom. Take that trip you always wanted to take; you never know what is happening tomorrow. Be spontaneous. Drive through the night and see where you end up. Don’t start in that job which dictates your days.

Be extravagant with love. Go back for that extra kiss. Surprise hug from behind. Spend that extra 5 minute snuggling in bed. Say I love you. Twice. Three times. For the sake of it. Because you can. Never assume someone knows how you feel about them. Send a soppy text, just because.

Be extravagant with your time. Give that extra ten minutes to others. Stop and let someone ahead of you. Open the door. Play peekabooo with a child.

Be extravagant with yourself. Be selfish. Take the time for yourself. Say no to things which add no value to your life, and yes to the things you want. Pursue your dreams.

Be extravagant with your luxuries. Life is short. Drink the champagne, have the pudding, buy the best you can afford of everything. Treat yourself like the love of your life.

Be extravagant with kindness. Stoke stray cats. Smile at strangers. Notice other peoples pain. Treat the person cleaning the floor with exactly the same dignity, kindness and respect as the CEO of the company.

Be extravagant with power. If you have it, share it and respect it. Use it for good. Become an active advocate for change. Shout as loud as you can about the things which are unjust, then do something about them.

Life is short. Live big. Love well. And remember…

It’s all just one big adventure.


J x

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt: Extravagant

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