Curling up by a roaring fire on a stormy night.

Listening to the wind relentlessly batter the trees outside, while tucked underneath a warm blanket.

Hot chocolate with a drop of Baileys for pure decadence.

Warm, wooden socks.

Climbing into a newly made bed under a huge fleecy blanket.

Cuddling up on the sofa with your favourite film and someone special.

The twinkling of fairy and candle lights the only illumination in a room.

Watching the rain for from the comfort of your home.

Burrowing your toes into a deep, plush rug.

Getting out of a hot, lush bath and climbing into a fleecy dressing gown.

The knowledge that all doors and windows are locked, all curtains closed, and you are cocooned in your own little space.

Waking up in a warm bed, and remembering it is your day off.

Someone else’s too big t-shirt and cosy hoodie.

Fleece lined pyjamas in the depths of December.

Pouring rain, an amazing book, a warm blanket, and absolutely no plans.

This post is a response to the Daily Prompt:Β Cozy

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