The Importance of Intention

full-moon-moon-night-sky-53153Thoughts have power. That much we know to be true. There has been research, theories and anecdotes which all discuss the power of thought on mood, actions, and outcomes. Whether a psychic or a scientist, it is impossible to discount the basic notion that everything is constructed of energy, and that we as human beings are extremely complex creatures.

We are currently in the last lunar phase of the year, with the New Moon falling on the 18th November. The moon is an object of immense power, controlling our tides and oceans, exerting barely perceptible impacts on climate and day length and, it has been argued, affecting our moods, emotions and wellbeing. From legends of werewolves and weirdos, to the statistics which prove that at a full moon, oceans swell, A&E gets busier, and disorderly conduct increases, it seems naive to ignore the connections this body has on our planet and our selves.


It is easy to see the connection between the moon and women in particular. The continual cycles of growing and discarding, changing and growing of one are echoed in the other, and it seems highly unlikely that the power of the Universe – whatever name you know it by – created this by accident.


One of the great loves of my life, William Shakespeare, despaired of the ever changing of the “fickle moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circle orb,” and it seems this could be used to describe most women, whether we want to hear it or not! (Speaking as a woman who has this week gone from wanting to pursue the study of nuclear physics to becoming a dancer in Ibiza). The moon, and its energy, has great power.


“Everything is energy.”

I am aware that by now the cynics and scientists amongst my readers will be shaking their heads and thinking I’m cracked. And that is a wonderful thing. Questioning, asking, wanting to know more, searching for answers…these are all things which much be encouraged and explored. We must never stop the quest for knowledge and truth, and we must never stop expanding our minds.

What we must always have, however, is an open mind.

Albert Einstein, renowned physicist, respected scientist, and undisputed genius, recognised the power which exists in our Universe to manifest our desires and intentions. The moon, as a key influencer of our planet, plays a large part in harnessing this energy.


That is why this period, the New Moon, is so crucial for setting and grounding intentions, and removing that which no longer serves you from your life. Whether you believe in moon magic and the power of lunar cycles or not is almost irrelevant; setting gout goals and intentions and releasing the past is beneficial for everyone, helping you to focus your thoughts and aspirations, and belong to determine clear pathways to achieve them.

Everything is energy. We are all part of one big Universe, and our thoughts have the power to become things. Choose wisely!

Think good thoughts.

J x


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