New Moon Ritual

I have previously talked about the importance of intention (here: https://askthinkdo.wordpress.com/2017/12/19/the-importance-of-intention), and to follow this, have noted down a little New Moon Ritual to help you gather and organise your thoughts, and focus your intentions. No one has to know, just give it a go! Even if you are a raging skeptic (and if you are, hi, great to meet you!), think of it as an exercise in prioritising and sorting your emotional baggage for 2018.

  • Sit quietly, in a calm space. If you like, put on some calming and relaxing music, or just enjoy the silence. Close your eyes, and just allow your attention to wander to the breaths you are taking, the energy which is literally keeping you alive. That’s pretty amazing.
  • Practice gratitude. Be thankful for the whole not-being-dead thing. Given thanks to your body for the incredible things it does for you every day. Focus on the inhale and exhale of your breath – there is no need for any fancy breathing or special chants, just notice it. And appreciate how bloody cool it is.
  • See where your mind goes. Do not force thoughts from your mind, or try to make your mind blank; as soon as you start trying that, it will fill with fascinating thoughts like “Did I leave the Christmas tree lights on? Can I afford pizza for dinner? Why did Lucy from work give me a dirty look three Thursdays ago?” Trust me. ‘Emptying your mind’ is pretty impossible. Instead, notice your thoughts without examining them. Let them float across your brain, wave briefly at them, but don’t engage or make eye contact (this will be easier if you are British. Just imagine you are on the Tube).
  • When you feel like it, make a list of all of the things you would like to happen in your life, the questions you want answered, the things you would like to explore. There are no limits here – ‘climb a mountain’ is very much on my list, as are simple things like ‘be more assertive,’ ‘visit Africa,’ and the rather vague ‘be happy.’
  • When you are finished with that list, start another one – that which you want to let go of in 2018. Whether it is people, a relationship, smoking, negative thoughts, tripping over cracks in the pavement…write down all of the things which no longer serve you, which add no positivity or joy to your life. Be as ruthless as you want – this crap is staying in 2017!
  • When you are finished, get rid of the second list; put it under your pillow, bury it in the garden, screw it up and chuck it across the room…it is gone, and done and over!
  • Every day between now and the New Year, read and affirm your intentions. This helps them stick in your mind and puts the intention into the Universe. It is also hugely motivating and, if you are like me, reminds you what you wrote!
  • On New Years Eve, take the list of things you wish to release, and burn it. Say goodbye to those things for the final time.
  • Crack open the prosecco and enjoy the badass new you!


Whether you believe the effects are psychological, scientific, or spiritual, take it from someone who has done it: this works. It allows you to solidify your ideas, release negativity, and harnesses the innate energy of the Universe for your benefit.

Because you deserve a cracking 2018, so why not take half an hour and help yourself out? There is a whole Universe of energy out there, waiting to help you, and the New Moon is pouring out help right now.

Put it this way: what do you have to lose?


J x

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